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About Me

Ariane Fonseca is originally from Angola; she has a Business Administration degree from Nova Southeastern University and speaks 4 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish and French). In the past 10 years, she has lived in two continents (African and America) and experienced different cultures around the world. With her background in business and cultural knowledge, she was able to build a global network which translated into the businesses that she now operates.

She is the owner of the Afrocentric Clothing Brand ‘Yhaniqua Lopes’- ( a clothing line made for edgy and elegant women who love to make a statement with their image. Each piece is a remarkable one and connects to the roots of Africa.

In 2017, she started the International Women's Conference called “The Power of the Mind Experience”, which takes place in Angola and the United States of America. Through her conferences and mentorship program, Ariane has helped hundreds of women from different backgrounds find and monetize their creative gifts.  She is also the author of a book directed to women called Dear 30: Thirty Life Lessons for Young Women of Faith Who Desire to Achieve Their Big Dreams.

Ariane's passion is to see women from all over the world thriving and becoming the best version ever seen while living a remarkable life.

Nelida Fonseca_Jason Moody_North Philade

Learn the framework I used to create & launch my business during the pandemic and how I was able to maintain it even while working for others. All the how's, from creating a website, the marketing, sales strategy, brand image, finances, and everything else that might seem complicated to do by yourself — all without taking forever to do so - All done in 5 Days. Yes, I will teach you a formula to build your business in 5 days, so that you can launch it and keep it in a sustainable way. 

What are the ladies saying

Before attending Ariane  International Women's  Conference, I found myself struggling as a woman doing business in the marketplace. However, as a guest, I felt privileged to be in company with some of the most talented women who are impacting lives, spiritually, personally, and professionally as entrepreneurs.
The skills sets and tools shared, gave me a renewed minds set with the desire and determination to confidently live out my purpose with passion and boldness.
I came away with the realization that my uniqueness and my gifting, coupled with a healthy mind has helped me developed an attitude of gratitude, humility, a stronger faith to live what I believe, to dream big while helping others live out their purpose without limitations.
Ariane, blessed are you for accepting the challenge and using your gift through your Conference to empower women across the world. This tool is truly transforming the minds and lives of us women to take our positions as Eagles and live life with purpose, passion, and diligence. I am now living in my courageous zone and enjoy building my business as a health and wellness advocate.

- Deon Reynoldsdias, USA

This was a very practical challenge Ariane . Thanks for hosting this.

The highlight for me was learning that there are mediums I could use to get quality photos without breaking the bank.

An indirect highlight is literally seeing you do the very things you've talked about over the course of the challenge, so I know it definitely works.

Keep up the great work. It was great to get to know the woman behind the business. 

- Liz-Anne De Beauville

It's been a while since I have been feeling a sense of unhappiness inside of me and never understood my frustration when facing certain situations. This insatisfation was increasing with time and really started to bother me. I decided then to pay attention to these feelings and take some actions... I bought the ticket for Ariane Women's International Conference and there I understood that the feelings were the result of not walking in alignment with my purpose.  After the conference, and being so inspired by the message, I finally found what makes me alive inside. Right now I'm writing a book with the topic " The unknown trajectory of a life with purpose " which is the topic of Ariane's Conference. 😅🙈God has been so good at this new phase of my life and you have no idea how happy I become, every time stop to read a paragraph of my book🙈Thank you so much because you were a great incentive 🙏

- Neid Macanda, Angola

You didn't know where to start, you didn't know what to do, basically you were lost... I understand, but I am giving you my hand of help now, and I will pass my experience to you as well. Are you ready to take action?


I will guide you step by step to create a side hustle that turns into a real business.