How to start and run a profitable online business
in 2022

Ready to be your own boss?

Or to simply start a side hustle for extra income?

If so, you are in the right place!

April 04th, 2022

First, let me say that you do not have to quit your
job in order to get started. You can perfectly start
and run  your  
successful online business while having
a 9-5 job.

But if you are ready to become a full time
entrepreneur, you are also in the right place!

And in case you are still deciding what's best, this is
also the best place for you!

About me


Hey Queen!

My name is Ariane Fonseca. I am a Fashion Designer and currently own an Afrocentric
E-Commerce. I have a major in Business Administration and a certification in Business Mentorship & Coaching, delivered by a  Self-Made Millionaire Woman. For a year now, I 've been a full time entrepreneur and consistently worked and focused on e-commerce by attracting all my customers through organic marketing.  I've developed a marketing and sales strategy that allows my business to have consistent sales while impacting the lives of hundreds of women with my products. I've also became an Airbnb Super Host in 2021 and have invested an amount of time studying and  perfecting this business venture. At the beginning of the Pandemic, I wrote an Ebook with the tittle: Dear 30: 30 Life Lessons for Young Women of Faith who Desire to Achieve Their BIG Dreams, where I offer real life lessons to women who are hungry to manifest their dreams. 
Now in 2022, I am committed to teach women how to start and run their online business.
I am happy and overexcited about all that I have to share this year.  

You will learn:


Everything that helped me build a sustainable online business


  • How to identify the best choice of business for you, if you do not know already

  • How to stablish your online presence

  • How to identify your target market 

  • How to sell your products/services without looking too salesy

  • How to have consistent sales

  • & More

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Check my results after I started applying my Organic Marketing & Sales Strategy Online 

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